A few short years after being born into the ghettos of Detroit and raised with his older sisters in the small lake community of Brooklyn, Michigan, Rob Harmon discovered his triple passions-- music, acting and fashion. At 18, he won a scholarship to NYC's Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (AMDA)-- tearing him from his family and friends while allowing him to follow his dream of studying acting. A year later, Rob's many facets were revealed when cast in Television's first all-gay reality show entitled "Gay Riviera". Shot in New York and Miami, the show dealt with the joys, terrors and pitfalls of being 18, beautiful and "out" in Paradise. He basked in the instant recognition this multi-part series afforded, but soon vowed to leave the "real world" and return to acting and his other passions. Spending much of his early New York years modeling, Rob's only had one of his many passions left to unfold. Through makeup and beauty in the fashion world, he truly found his most profound niche. It was unclear at the moment that this "hobby" of his was to unfold the greatest of his paths yet to be uncovered…Rob has apprenticed and shared grease paint with some of the most famous and talented makeup artists in the industry. Always a quick study, he soon established himself, a successful working makeup artist in New York, working with some of most well known artists in film, television, and music—some including Ivanka Trump, Eva Longoria, The Pussycat Dolls, Coco Rocha, Maya, Mel B, Freida Pinto, Hugh Jackman, Carly Simon, Pamela Anderson, Lisa Lampanelli, Paz De La Huerta, Julia Jones, Uffie, Julissa Bermudez and the cast of All My Children. In 2009 Rob performed as a featured Makeup Artist working on one of the world's largest annual fashion shows at Life Ball, 2009 in Vienna, Austria. He most recently began his work in the theatre, working as a Makeup Artist on Broadways Wicked in addition to designing the hair and makeup for Shoshana Bean's NYC premier concert, Shoshana Bean, A Happening, Jazz at Lincoln Center as well as Shoshana's most recent piece- Dear John Mayor, opening in summer 2011 in Los Angeles.

Acting again got Rob's attention-- when cast by writer/director Casper Andreas to play a lead in his third feature film, Between Love & Goodbye, playing the challenging lead role of April/Cole, a transsexual woman who decides to return to her biological gender. This awarded him the title of "Best Actor" in the Festival Del Sol, Grand Canaria, film festival. Recently, Rob played Mumbai Chopra's snarky celebrity publicist, Leslie- a series regular in "Landing in Mumbai". Rob continues to work as a makeup artist and in his free time writes music as a hobby in his living room.

In 2013 Rob launched his first of many beauty products, selling internationally and selling almost immediately, called The Magic Pads. Targeted to treat blemishes, aging and problem skin, The Magic Pads hit thousands of pieces in sales in its first year alone, and is looking to reinvent the world of skin care via themagicpads.com.

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